Building and Investing in Life: Health, Work & Learning

We are partnering with remarkable entrepreneurs and scientists with the singular mission of transforming lives.

Life Sciences

Future of Work & Learning

Delin Ventures is a mission-driven investor and co-builder in two areas shaping the future of humanity:

Life Sciences

Improving Human Lives

We seek to transform the treatment of major, life-threatening diseases by supporting the development of therapeutics that enable cures or a transition to chronic, liveable conditions.

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Future of Work & Learning

Unlocking Human Potential

We invest in remarkable founders working on the Future of Work and the Future of Learning.  We provide lead tickets in pre-seed and seed rounds, exceptional support, and deep domain expertise.

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What differentiates us

Exceptional support

We roll up our sleeves and go the extra mile with you. We combine operational expertise and support, with world-class networks of experts and investors.


We’re deeply committed to working with you to transform lives through innovations in life sciences, and the future of work & learning.

Patient capital

We care about long-term impact. We have the patience and focus to do and support whatever is best for your company’s long-term success.

Domain expertise

We’re experts in the areas of the Life Sciences, and the Future of Work and Learning. Our deep domain knowledge enhances your chances to win.

Fund and Opportunistic Investments

To pave our way into the ecosystem, we invested in selected tech funds and early-stage companies, aspiring to be an active and value-adding investor:

Direct Investments