Future of Work & Learning

Unlocking Human Potential

We’re at the beginning of a seismic shift that will disrupt how we work and how we learn. If you’re as enthusiastic about the Future of Work and (Workforce) Learning as we are and happen to seek early-stage funding, learn more about us in the following and say “Hi” afterward.

Our investment focus

Stage & Ticket Size

Pre-Seed and Seed rounds with a ticket size of £500k-2m


Europe (our Team is located in the UK and Germany)

Future of Work Areas

HR Tech, Productivity, New Work, Creator & Passion Economy

Future of Learning Areas

Workforce Development, Training, Up-skilling, Coaching, Knowledge Management

Our thesis

Living the “smart money” promise

One of our deepest motivators is helping founders hands-on. Our mantra: Your success is your success; your failure is our failure.

We don’t follow a “spray and pray” approach. We invest in half the number of companies than the usual VC fund, ensuring we have sufficient capacity to support our portfolio companies.

We leverage our entire network and experience for you. The combination of our skill set is unique: Having bootstrapped, having fundraised, having gone through all the ups and downs of early-stage tech startups, having failed, having built huge and successful companies, both in the old as well as new economy, having been top executives at globally leading tech companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Wix.com, and eBay, having been angel investors, having led significant VC funds, having sat on boards of global category leaders like Udemy, Brainly, Skillsoft, and Codeacademy, having invested in VC funds.

You and your team will also have full access to our Partner Iskender Dirik’s expertise and popular programs:


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